Discover Nature And Some Great Garden Plants

We all love a beautiful garden, especially when they are well kept and have beautiful flowering blooms. There is nothing better than sitting outside on a hot sunny day in the middle of a garden and watching nature at its glorious best. Whether it is a butterfly landing on a flower nearby, showing off the fantastic colors of its wings, or a bee moving from flower to flower collecting nectar that it will eventually convert to honey, it is scenes like these that relieve us of the day to day stress.

Some garden plants are better for the local wildlife than others, but whatever is in your garden, as long as it attracts something then you are helping nature in your own little way. For those people who want to give it a big hand then there are great garden plants that insects, animals and birds love, so if you want to attract more of them, you really need to make sure that your garden includes what they want, and not what you want.

By attracting more insects to your garden you are in a way using them as bait to attract wild birds, as insects are a good food source for them. A lot of professional gardeners now recommend leaving a corner of your garden to just grow wild, this is because a lot of wildlife is vanishing due to the loss of the their natural environment. So by giving nature something back, you are helping to support the local natural environment.

Some other environments that attract wildlife are:

• Trees: They provide safe branches for birds and somewhere to nest.

• Long Grass: This is useful for butterflies so they can lay their eggs.

• Compost: Make your own compost heap as this will attract a lot of insects.

• Tall Flowers: Insects such as dragonflies and bees love these.

• Night Plants: Some flowers actually close at night, but those that don’t attract moths.

• Wall Climbers: These can be excellent for insects and birds.

If you are looking for some great garden plants, you will find a few listed below:

• Honeysuckle: A climbing plant that produces a lot of nectar which will attract many insects. If you live in an area that has hummingbirds it will attract them as well.

• Foxglove: This is a tall flowering plant that is loved by bees, it also has a wonderful smell, and looks beautiful. The downside to this plant is that it is poisonous, so do not use it if you have pets.

• Lavender: The smell of this is probably known by everyone as it appears in air fresheners, scents, soaps and a lot of other products.

This is one of the best great garden plants, as it attracts all kinds of insects, and when it goes to seed you will see many birds eating them.

• Sunflower: You may have grown one of these at school, and they are very tall plants with huge yellow flowers, and are quite spectacular. Birds love these when they go to seed.